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Ispirato means inspired

Inspiration drives business. I get it from my many years of corporate experience, people I meet, kitesurfing on the Italian lake, and many other things. I decided to create Ispirato to inspire others.

Inspired, I inspire others

At Ispirato, I open spaces of inspiration to everyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate corporate waves. I do this during inspiration sessions for managers, teams, companies and individual employees.

4 spaces 

I focus on four main spaces of inspiration where I strive to ensure that each organisation can build a place where others want to work by avoiding stagnation, riding out storms, discovering and conquering.

Value discovery space

You have to submerge in order to get to the surface. That is why I inspire leaders and teams to "immerse" themselves in finding value in everything they do in their daily work. By following the golden rule: "start with why", we discover what lies behind the functioning of entire organisations and their individual employees.

“Every person and every organisation can explain WHAT they are doing. Some of us can show HOW we are different from others. However, only a few are able to clearly articulate WHY they do what they do. WHY has nothing to do with finances and profits. WHY it is what inspires you and your surroundings ”- Simon Sinek.

Siedziba Przedpokój

Teamwork space

I have been dealing with it in practice since 2009. I believe that a well-functioning team will be able to withstand the most powerful winds on the Beaufort scale. To ensure this, I run inspiration sessions for both management and field teams. I use the methodology of "The Five Dysfunctions of Teamwork" by Patrick Lencioni. I also work directly with his company in The Table Group.

For things to be good you have to know what is wrong. This is what the "five dysfunctions" approach is for. I define the top five factors that are inhibiting and frustrating the team. I consider them together, because they are dependent on and influence each other. I make an initial diagnosis, inspire to work on all dysfunctions, and give a final assessment.

Customer engagement space

The third space of inspiration is engaging… in engaging. Companies that engage their customers are moving in the right direction. The others continue to drift on the ocean of powerlessness.

I have been dealing with this space since 2007. Both in local business and in international waters. I have spent thousands of hours with company leaders and employees developing hundreds of models of customer engagement. If implemented, they bring added value to both sides.

I don’t follow a routine. Each task and each company is a new journey for me. The models developed at Ispirato are as unique as our fingerprints. I also enjoy implementing and supervising non-standard processes.

Praca z kawiarni

Local implementations space

What if the local waters of the corporation are influenced by central models that have nothing to do with local realities? In corporate jargon, such top-down rules are said to come as a "package".

The space for implementing local solutions serves to face the above-mentioned challenges. I have been dealing with this issue for over 15 years. I inspire organisations to adapt central, often exotic, guidelines in their native environment. I turn global into local to benefit both worlds.

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