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Grzegorz Dudziński

Hi, I am a business consultant and trainer, and above all a practitioner in managing decisions and emotions. I open spaces of inspiration for leaders and their teams. Are you ready to go on a journey together?

I experience

In my 25 years of working for pharmaceutical companies, I have crossed the vastness of the corporate ocean. They say calm waters will never make a good surfer. I rode various waves on choppy waters as a medical representative, trainer, manager and Commercial Excellence Director. So you can call me a good surfer...

I catch the wind

In my spare time, I set up a kite, jump on the board and catch the wind on the Italian Lake Garda. Kitesurfing inspires and drives me professionally. In business, just like on the water - in order to fly you have to jump. It's exciting to learn about what makes you jump and fly.

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I influence

My long and exciting journey in the corporate world influenced my personal development and gave me the power to shape it. Through my experiences, I have learned to discover the processes that make a team healthy and emotionally mature. Now I teach people this ability to control the elements so that they can flow in the right direction.

I look for
the "why"

My inspiration from the very beginning is "humans in business". I am fascinated by searching for what determines human actions, decisions and relationships. It is discovering the "why" that helps create added value for the client, his company and himself.


I inspire

I believe that only inspired people succeed. The uninspired are standing still. As a business consultant, I focus on conducting inspirational sessions for managers that help them cross the status quo and grow their teams.

I connect

History tells us of loners who have circumnavigated the world alone. However, only well-coordinated teams discover new continents. I believe teamwork is what gives us the greatest competitive advantage. Firstly, it has a great driving force, and secondly, it is rare. Well-functioning teams make better-quality decisions faster and achieve their goals faster. That's why I bring people together so that they can fly the kite that is the team.

Ludzie biznesu brawo

I create people in business

I combine the internal and external views of the organisation. I look beyond the horizon, focusing on the company's perspective and the leadership of the leaders. My goal is for each inspiration session to bring us closer to the client and employee. And to create "real people in business".

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