Book. Wine. My sips of inspiration

Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book (…). Molière

I'm sitting in the armchair reading a good book while holding a glass of good wine in my hand, so - if I take the above aphorism seriously - I'm a lucky man.

But to be a lucky person, you have to make good choices in advance. Standing in front of the shelves in a bookshop or a wine shop, we know it is not that easy. Choosing the right business book is like choosing the right wine. In front of us there are hundreds of beautiful covers and labels, titles and names, tasty descriptions of grafts, bouquets and regions, intriguing biographies of authors... But which bottle/book to reach out for? What will happen to us after taking the cork out or reading the initial sentences? A sip of inspiration, or rather a bad taste of disappointment? Oft-times, when I brought home a supposedly promising wine, after the first organoleptic contact I had the feeling of being taken in. It was the same with many "business" books. Encouraged by the title, I have repeatedly experienced the same disappointment as a surfer who was promised good wind by the forecasts, but got nothing instead. The long-awaited spiritual feast was stranded on the shoals of banality...